Student Stories: Immediate ROI

  • Immediate ROI From Darden's Executive MBA

    "I’m in a fourth-generation family business.  We’re in construction.  I’m a Vice President General Manager so I’m responsible for about 400 employees.  I started in that role about five years ago and since starting Darden, it’s been extraordinary just how much I’ve been able to apply to my job, and what’s been really rewarding is the ability to ask better questions, both of our employees as well as our customers.  Just an example of that, being in construction, we do a lot of private work for site developers, and I’ve really been able to build great relationships with our customers, talking about their projects, talking about their cash flows, a little bit about return on equity, and it’s created new conversations and new opportunities in business.  Now instead of just being a bidder on a construction project, I’m actually talking to developers about partnering our projects, which is really transformational for our company."

    — Aaron Myers (EMBA '15)