Student Stories: The Case Method

  • Benefits of the Case Study Method in a Global Executive MBA

    "I looked at other Global MBA programs and although they were all very good in their own right, what caught my attention at Darden was the case study. My background is journalism, so I tend to be extremely scared to anything that relates to math. I never did it. I wasn’t good at it in high school or college. So I thought, you know, the case study is something that I will understand. It does have a lot of math, it has financial problems, it has analytical problems. It’s something that calmed me down. So I love that aspect of it. 

    Another reason that I chose Darden is because I love the faculty. When I came here, not only are they amazing professors, very knowledgeable, but I just love the family feel. I love that they really want you to be part of their family, of the Darden family, and that was important to me. This is such a big challenge that I needed to feel that connection."

    — Mayra Rocha (GEMBA '16)