Executive MBA Stories: Working Full-Time

  • Pursuing Your MBA While Working Full Time

    "I work in an office that evening events are part of the job and in initially looking at the EMBA program was worried about those evening commitments of attending the online classes, but one of the great things that Darden has done is record the classes live and then also give us the opportunity to record, with our technology, record our learning team meetings.  So when I really do have to miss one of those evening classes or one of my learning team meetings, I have the opportunity of going back, getting caught up, and make sure that I really understand the material, which has allowed me to still maintain my work obligations and the Darden obligations.  But, you know, one thing that I have found that has been so important, knowing what I know now, I would not change my decision whatsoever, is that having the opportunity to take the knowledge from the classroom and immediately implement it in a work environment is priceless.  I know, particularly on a lot of the soft skills, understanding some places that in management and leadership of your subordinates, you know, things that I wasn’t doing efficiently or effectively or maybe explaining things appropriately, expectations, or giving those subordinates opportunity to continue to grow along with our company, I think that that has made me a more effective and efficient employee, and I think I’ve really improved in my position within my company."

    — Rawson Hart (EMBA '15)