Student Stories: The Network

  • Darden's Tight-Knit EMBA Network

    "I explored part-time MBA programs and I explored evening MBA programs before looking into the Darden Executive MBA.  One of the things that is most valuable about the Darden Executive MBA format is the intensive monthly weekend residencies and the week-long leadership residencies where we come on grounds and we invest a tremendous amount of time both with the faculty and with our classmates, and we build a strong network and we build a strong relationship and a community here at Darden, which is really the magic of Darden, and it’s really a very special thing about the Executive MBA program here, and those things were not necessarily the focus of part-time or evening MBA formats.  It also allowed me to focus my energies and instead of spending an evening here or an evening there, doing something part-time, when you come on-grounds, it’s very focused, it’s very full time and you put a lot of energy into it, and I think you get a lot more out of the process."

    — Rich Hanna (EMBA '15)