Choose Your Location

  • Darden’s executive formats are available in two world-class locations — Charlottesville and the Washington, DC area.

    Students in our Charlottesville section learn on the historic grounds of the Darden School, while students in our DC area section have class in Darden's brand new, state of the art facility, 30 stories above the nation’s capital, in Rosslyn, an area of Arlington, Virginia.

    Which location is right for you?

    Darden’s singular educational experience and defining sense of community are present in both Charlottesville and Rosslyn. Consequently, for most students, the decision comes down to personal preference and schedule.

    Some students want the accessibility and pace of a major metropolitan area. Other students want the immersive experience of a college town.

    In addition, Charlottesville follows a Thursday through Saturday weekend residency schedule, while Rosslyn follows a Friday through Sunday schedule. Minimize time away from the office? Keep Sunday free? The choice is yours. Find the location and format that best fits your schedule.

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