MBA Stories: Student Community

  • Darden's Supportive Student Community

    "There are two things that surprised me the most about Darden. 

    The first was the intensity of the workload.  Even though I had been told by alumni that it was really intense and it would push you and challenge you, I was still taken aback by how much I’d have to balance - not just the course load, but the recruiting, the social life, and all that together puts a lot of pressure on your time. 

    The second thing that surprised me helped me get through that, which is how resoundingly good and helpful and collaborative and just supportive the people are here.  Even though that’s one of the reasons I came here, I kept getting surprised by the number of times a second year or a fellow classmate would reach out and try to help me prep through an interview. If it was a second year who had worked at a company before, they would sit down and spend a lot of their time going through how their experience was or how their interview questions went. Every time, I would come back and say, 'Wow, everyone here is amazing.'"  

    — Alison Dooley (MBA '15)