MBA Stories: Student Families

  • Families at the Darden School of Business

    "I came to Darden with a family; a wife and a daughter. I wasn't just looking for a place where I can succeed, a place that’s academically challenging, Darden has that; but what Darden also has is a fantastic community that I knew that my family could be a part of and thrive for two years. It definitely hasn’t disappointed. 

    We’ve loved it here at Darden. We’ve enjoyed Charlottesville. My wife and I love coming to all the different Darden events. There’s a really close-knit partners’ community here which has been fantastic. We’ve got a close group of friends who all have kids around the same age, and we hang out at different places together. So that’s what's really special to me. I think those connections are what I’m really taking away from my time here, in addition to the great network and the great education. Those personal connections are something that I probably will have for the rest of my life."

    — Derek Rey (MBA '15)