MBA Stories: Education Management

  • Applying Business Concepts to the Education Sector

    "Prior to coming into Darden, I was a teacher for four years. I chose to come here to pursue a dual degree MBA/MEd in a program called, 'Innovation in Education Reform." I wanted to get the MBA as well because I thought that it would help me develop my quantitative skillset and help me develop the enterprise perspective necessary to be a manager in any sort of educational institution in trying to improve systems in the U.S. For my summer internship, I did a fellowship through Education Pioneers, and I was a consultant for the Oakland Unified School District and did data and analytics with school principals across the district. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to directly apply what I learned in the First Year MBA program to an education institution that is working to improve systems in the U.S. Ultimately, I think what an MBA brings to that setting is that you can consider the best practices we examine across businesses through the case method and apply them that to that non-profit setting in order to improve it from within."
    — Katherine O'Neil (MBA/MEd '15)