MBA Stories: Entrepreneurship

  • "I'm Meg Greenhalgh, I'm from a small town called Berryville, VA, and I worked in private label consumer packaged goods before coming to Darden. My hope is to start my own company and continue on an entrepreneurial path after Darden.

    "This summer I'm really excited about being in the incubator program at UVA. I'll be working on my own venture full-time with funding from the Batten Institute, with mentorship and legal help in a program designed to help ventures get off the ground. I decided not to recruit, and to focus instead on pursuing my own venture. I think the important part about that is that I have embedded myself in this cohort — this community of other First Year students like me who want to pursue their own ventures. We get together on Fridays to brainstorm and through that we've been able to stay focused on our own ventures.

    "I've never been is quite such a collaborative community where we're all working towards common goals, but all come from different backgrounds." — Meg Greenhalg (Class of 2018)