MBA Stories: International Students

  • Admissions Advice for Prospective International MBA Students

    "One piece of advice I have for international applicants is to really do thorough and diligent research on the business schools that they're applying to. I think that every business school has its own identity, and at the core of this identity is the community. You should actually get to know the community a lot better to establish if you're a really good fit at the business school. Come visit the campus if you can. If you can't, then actively reach out to current students and to alumni to learn more about the school, about the community, about the people, the faculty, the effectiveness of the career services, the alumni network, and post-Darden as well. Why should you come to Darden? I think you should come to Darden because of its incredible community and a great learning experience. Recruiters love Darden, and students at Darden often tend to find jobs that match their needs. Come here for the case method because the case method prepares you for any problem inside the Darden class and outside. Overall, come here to have a great educational experience."
    — Sidhartha Thakur (MBA '15)