MBA Stories: Leadership

  • "My name is Sogyel Lhungay. I grew up in New Jersey, and I've lived in New York for the past ten years.

    "Every day I wake up with a smile on my face, while I'm here at Darden, because I'm so excited for the opportunity to study here, and to be around the Darden community with my classmates and professors. My undergraduate school was a large university in a big city, and one of the things I never got out of that experience was a sense of community. When I first came to Darden I was blown away by how friendly everyone was with each other, how honest they were, and how everyone seemed to know each other and support each other. The professors are approachable here. They will talk to us about anything; not just the subject matter that they teach, but also what's going on in our personal lives and what's going on in recruiting.

    "A unique perspective that I bring to the Darden classroom is that, as a Buddhist, I've always considered the importance of compassion in how you live your life. As we learn about business, I always try to add the lens of how important it is for a business to not just be profitable but also to consider the other stakeholders in the business, and to have a positive impact on the people the business affects. So I think responsible ethical leadership is one of my contributions to the Darden classroom." — Sogyel Lhungay (Class of 2018)