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    Doing Business in Unstable Economic Environments: Argentina’s Wine Industry Exploration

    What will students gain from this program?

    Participants will gain an understanding of Argentina’s domestic and international wine industries and also learn how business is done in uncertain and unstable economic circumstances.

    Academic Program Overview

    Although its global wine industry is less than 20 years old, Argentina has become the largest exporter of wine in Latin America and a competitor in the international wine trade. What led to this success? Argentina’s economic and political histories are chaotic. How can wine producers continue to flourish in the current uncertain — even hostile — environment?

    In addition to full days of work on consulting projects, students will visit wineries and meet with groups from different segments of the Argentine wine and tourism industries.

    Consulting Project

    Teams of 4-5 students will work as consultants for small to mid-sized wineries in Mendoza, Argentina, the heart of Argentina’s wine industry. Engagements are designed to significantly impact the clients’ businesses and will require a solid understanding of the national and international wine industry. The projects will require students to use the skills they have developed in the first year of the MBA program.

    Faculty Lead

    Tony Smith


    Wednesday, 9 May – Thursday, 17 May 2018

    Host Partner

    Study Abroad Mendoza

    What have students said about the program?

    "The program was AMAZING. The program offered me everything that I was looking for in a global course. I was able to apply what I learned over the First Year curriculum and I had the opportunity to learn about another culture. The actual project was interesting and a super unique opportunity that will give me lots of good information for stories down the road."

    "The entire program was fantastic. I felt I learned quite a lot through communicating to Spanish speakers, delving through a large amount of data and helping deliver value to the winery. It was a great opportunity to learn about a new culture and improve my business skills. The program was very well organized on the Argentina end as well (David English & Jose). Darden should be happy to work with them again."

    "Great mix of work and play. Enjoyed the project and being able to add value in a short amount of time. The winery visits were great and dinners were amazing."

    "I was surprised that the quality of work would be as challenging and meaningful as it was. I worked with great clients and really enjoyed the consulting aspect."

    What have past companies said about the work Darden students contributed to their project?

    "The speed at which the students understood and adapted to our business really surprised me. Their work helped to confirm several suspicions we had and also revealed issues we hadn’t yet considered. The final work was really well done – focused and insightful reports that will certainly have an impact in the short and medium terms. It was enjoyable and refreshing to work with such professional and knowledgeable groups of young students. I hope we can repeat the experience in upcoming semesters, as we are already preparing many more projects to propose!"

    — Ricardo Giadorou, President, Dolium Winery

    "As a company and speaking from the Tourism Department, I was very pleased with the work of the Darden students. They understood well the idea of the project, and worked quickly and efficiently during the several days they were at the winery. The final presentations provided us with interesting and valuable information that we have been evaluating and will be able to use to improve the efficiency of our company."

    — Michelle, Pulenta Estate

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