• What's the Big IDEA

  • The following are excerpts from a series of 3 multi-media posts chronicling Darden students in the IDEA course – a learning process which enables MBAs to make effective decisions when facing real-world ambiguity.

    The series features Darden student teams addressing business challenges presented by the American Society of Clinical Oncology, Capital One, Land O'Lakes Inc., and LinkedIn with the Markle Foundation.

    Part 1: The Learning Journey Begins

    IDEA Episode 1 Photo

    "The students are buzzing with energy and laughter, grabbing leopard-print tape and shiny bits of paper as they busily cut and glue their projects together. No, this isn’t Design School — it’s the first day of Darden’s new IDEA course, and these driven first-year MBA students are getting a taste of what will be a very different kind of learning experience."

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    Part 2: Design Criteria, Napkin Pitches and More

    IDEA Episode 2 Photo

    "On the second day of Darden’s new IDEA course (Innovation, Design, and Entrepreneurship in Action), five teams of students are listening closely as representatives from Capital One outline the challenge they’ll be tackling over the next seven weeks."

    Read more about design criteria, napkin pitches and more on our Admissions Blog.

    Part 3: The Day of Reckoning

    Idea Post 3

    "It’s the final day of Darden’s IDEA course, and the room is practically humming with anticipation. After seven weeks of learning about and working through an innovation framework – where students researched a real-world challenge, set design criteria, generated concepts, and then tested and refined those concepts – they are finally ready to present their ideas to the corporate and non-profit sponsors."

    Read more about the final day and outcomes of the IDEA course on our Admissions Blog.

    Writer: Laura Longhine
    Audio Interviews: Emily Richardson-Lorente
    Photography: Ashley Twiggs
    Public Relations: Sophie Zunz